Our experienced global team can provide strategic product development through creative consultation. We invite you to share ideas, discover what we have already created, consider the latest trends and innovations whilst looking at the many different materials, finishes and designs available to you. We can brainstorm together and create perfect BRANDED creative packaging. Whether you require simplistic packaging, or award-winning ingenuity we have the resources to cater for your needs.


Within the group we can offer a wide range of products and services to you, which include access to a number of factories and suppliers best fit for your requirements in terms of volume, specification and materials. Ensuring your product is fit for purpose and exceeding expectations is essential, whilst maintaining budget constraints and providing low cost consolidated delivery, we’ll deliver BRANDED creative packaging for you.


BRANDED creative packaging designs and develops innovative products and services for local, national and international customers in the market for import and luxury packagingfrom bags and boxes made of multiple materials like cardboard, fabric, wood, plastic and metal, to promotional accessories. 
BRANDED Creative Packaging is a sister company of Lightning Packaging which forms part of the Bunzl Group within the Bunzl Retail Supplies Division.