About Us

We are creators, innovators and suppliers of award-winning BRANDED creative packaging. We can work with start-ups through to large global corporations, providing the ability to reduce cost whilst enhancing quality using the best materials and technology the industry has to offer. Our operation is able to reduce normally substantial shipping costs and the need to buy in bulk whilst still passing savings on to you. We specialise in sourcing and distributing a wide range of products from low cost retail packaging through to high end innovative BRANDED creative packaging.

The partnerships with our customers provide end to end project management, helping to create the initial ideas, through to supply chain management and delivery. We’ll also offer storage and fulfilment solutions. We have expertise in a number of market sectors and product categories to ensure we’re well placed to advise on the latest trends and innovations that work for consumers in your sector. With years of industry experience, knowledge to share, a passion for customer care and client satisfaction we are here with everything you need for your brand.